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Guide to Conference Funding
Make Your Case to Attend

You have decided to attend the 2021 CAEA conference but would really like some district support. The problem is you aren’t sure on the best way to request support.

Does your school district have funds to provide for professional development? – Yes! Go to your school’s administration assistant or contact your board directly to obtain any forms or specific information on professional development funding.

Can I Still Get Funding?

While most 2021-22 funding decisions have been made, you should still ask. To receive funding, you must show how your attendance will meet the goals of that funding source. It is not too late to ask. Many teachers just don’t ask, but those who do are often funded. So, ask; but do your homework first. The attached letter to administration (DOCX file) that we have created for you is designed to help you, but you will need to modify it for your district or site.

The key factor here is that you must show how your attendance meets THEIR (district and site) objectives and goals. Many principals are more likely to fund your registration if you are presenting. While the deadline has passed to apply to present a conference workshop, you can still be part of the curriculum slam. 

What if your request is denied??

Here are some alternative sources that have funded registrations in the past.

• Apply for a CAEA professional development scholarship.
• Apply to your local Arts Council—many will fund your registration.
• Donors Choose—Write a proposal and see what happens. Several people have gotten registration paid this way.