Youth Art Month, Council for Art Education

How To Participate

• Complete a Photo/Plagiarism Release form for each student submitting work.
• Create an Inventory of the work you are submitting.
• Create a Label for each entry you are submitting.
• Turn all Photo/Plagiarism Releases, Inventory, and Labeled Artworks in to your designated chair by Area Deadlines. 

Be sure to follow up with your Area or Local Chair for specific information regarding deadlines and submission info

• Northern California Chair: Maryann Schultz ([email protected])

• Central California Chair:
 Vacant; if interested, contact Central Area Director Heather Barrentine ([email protected])

• Inland Empire Chair:
Kristen (Ursenbach) Carrillo ([email protected])

• Los Angeles Chair:
Christine Terry ([email protected])

• Orange County Chair:
 Vacant; if interested, contact CAEA YAM Chair Ed Lim ([email protected])

• San Diego Chair:
 Alyssa Navapanich, ([email protected])

2024 YAM Program Details

San Diego

Youth Art Month began in 2004 by The Council for Art Education and The National Art Education Association. The California Art Education Association, San Diego Area brings together its members from all over San Diego County grades K-12 both public and independent schools to submit the best of their students’ art. A selected jury of professions in the field of art education then takes time to look at each work of art and decide upon the awards based upon problem solving, creativity, observation, and communication.

 The top 2-3 winners of each category (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12. 2D and 3D) will move onto the So. Cal YAM Exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum, which brings together the awards winners from numerous areas of Southern California. From that point, those award winners move onto California State in Sacramento, then onto the Pacific Region, and finally onto the National YAM Exhibition

This year’s Youth Art Month’s theme is called, Dream in Art.
Exhibition is open to current NAEA/CAEA Members only. Join Here!
Kindergarten-12th Grade. Max 8 Submissions per teacher.

December 6, 2023. Submissions closed
December 7-16, 2023 Jurors make selections for entry and awards
December 18, 2023 Teachers are notified via email of results
January 19-February, 2024 Exhibition is live online
Saturday. January 20, 2024 Virtual Closing Awards Reception 4-6pm

Questions: Alyssa Navapanich, [email protected]

Northern Area

CAEA Northern Area YAM Exhibition at the Crocker is back! We missed being at the Crocker in 2023 but are happy to return in 2024. However, space is limited so RSVP ASAP!

Reply deadline: Friday, December 22, 2023
[email protected]

Southern Region YAM Show

Riverside Art Museum
3425 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501
Exhibit Dates: 3/2/24- 3/16/24
Closing Reception: 3/16/24
Time: 10 am-12 pm

SoCal YAM Rules and Guidelines
1. All teachers submitting work must be current members of the California Art Education Association (CAEA). Membership must be verified as an individual membership in current standing as of the YAM Event dates. A member teacher may not submit artwork for another teacher who is not a current member. Membership will be verified by completing the Membership Verification Form. Any work submitted by or for a teacher who is not a current member of CAEA will be disqualified. To register for CAEA please visit

2. Each area YAM chair may submit their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place work from each grade level and category to the Southern Region show. Work must be individual, no group collaborations can be accepted.

3. All 2-D pieces must not exceed a matted size of 20”x26” and must be matted or mounted on black. Any canvas works should be ready to hang (attached with hook and wires).

4. Artwork must be original. Use of copyrights or other artists’ work is not permitted. All work submitted must be accompanied by a signed Photo Release Authorization

5. All work done from reference photos must be completed in another medium and altered (Exception: Personal photos taken by the student artist).

For more information please contact Kristen Carrillo (Ursenbach), [email protected].

LA County

The 2024 Youth Art Month Virtual exhibit for LA county is coming up soon! We will continue to have a Virtual exhibit and invite all schools in Los Angeles to participate, below are the pertinent dates:
January 12  Intent to participate deadline - reply to Christine Terry
February 9  Deliver artwork virtually; instructions to follow
February 14  Blind Judging February 19
March 16  Digital Exhibit

If you plan to participate with student artwork, please reply to this email no later than January 12. I will follow up with all the steps for submitting your student’s artwork. You will also receive the labels and permission slips that will need to accompany each artwork.

As we will have a virtual venue this year, we may have to limit the number of artwork submissions per teacher. In previous years, each teacher was allowed a maximum of 10 submissions; we may have to adjust that depending on the number of teachers participating. Stay tuned for details.

Please consider entering, it is a wonderful way to showcase your students and their art.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the email below or at 818-445-3261

Christine Terry, [email protected]
YAM Coordinator
The Buckley School

Images from last year art show at Riverside Art Museum

Inland Empire

With the start of the calendar year quickly approaching so are the deadlines for this year's Inland Empire Youth Art Month. If you are interested in having your student artwork on display, please contact [email protected] as soon as possible. Our upcoming deadlines are as follows:

Membership Verification Form: 1/26/24
Inventories (with photo/plagiarism release): 1/28/24
Submit Work to Chair: 1/28/24
Judging: TBD
Exhibit: 2/9/24- 2/18/24
Location: Riverside Community Arts Association 3860 Lemon St, Riverside, CA 92501

Please see the following links for the Guidelines and Rules for student work and Procedures for submitting.

Thank you,
Kristen Carrillo (Ursenbach)
INland EMpire Youth Art Month Chair

CAEA Student Artwork Rubric

In the absence of cross-committee norming, rubrics yield subjective results based on each judge’s unique interpretation of the rubric criteria. It is expected that the CAEA Student Artwork Rubric will be used when judging all YAM show and State YAM Flag artwork entries.

Program Report/Digital Scrapbook

State Youth Art Month Chairpersons can create digital scrapbook reports, documenting local observances, events, exhibits, proclamations, funding, and community support. Reports are submitted to CFAE, and programs are recognized for outstanding achievement with financial awards and trophies.

Youth Art Month CAEA Teacher Membership Requirements

• The teacher submitting a student’s artwork must be a current member of CAEA when the artwork is submitted at all levels of the YAM program.
• The membership must be an individual membership and not an institutional membership.
• The membership status of the teacher submitting student artwork must be verified by the CAEA Executive Secretary, as an NAEA/CAEA ID# is not proof of current membership.
• A member teacher may not submit artwork for another teacher who is not a current member.